Autonomously Start Px4

Hey all! First time user here. I am part of a collegiate rocket team, looking to deploy a paraglider from apogee and have it run a simple waypoint mission to the ground. From my research, PX4 seems like an excellent system to use. However, I have run into a slight (ok major) hiccup. As far as I know, the Pixhawk needs to be hooked to a transmitter on the ground and coded to a switch to “start” the mission. I need the system to be able to start the mission without a transmitter, either via a timer, barometer, light sensor, or something else onboard the paraglider. I also realize that it takes time for the system to get a GPS lock, but that part can be started on the ground. I need JUST the waypoint mission to start at a certain point without a transmitter.

Any ideas?

There is a delay mission item. Their is also a FW Launch detection system which could be use to trigger the mission start when the rocket takeoff.

However, I’m not sure how well everything with play together. Also due to the strong acceleration, I wouldn’t be surprised if their would be issue with the EKF and GPS.

Had a thought. Might be able to start the mission on the ground. Set the takeoff spot on the pad at 0ft. Then hit pause. Let it get up to altitude, deploy, deploy chute (different system), then it continue mission…