Arming problem of CF2 - M3 led solid blue but motor not spin

I am trying to run px4 on CF2.0 today. So far I can flash bootloader and firmware(V1.5.0) on CF2. And finish the calibration of radio, sensor and flight mode by QGC via USB. I disconnect the USB, reboot CF2, the M2 led goes solid blue and M3 is blinking. Then I use iOS app to connect to CF2 via BLE (M4 led toggles red and green) and I try to arming the CF2. The M3 led become solid blue but motor didn’t spin, even fully throttle.

Did I miss anything?
Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

You are doing everything right. There is an issue introduced in the last week in master. You can revert to commit f30dd2b819e2061ed4a0d7f2698e2527f1accbe4 until a fix is available.