Arm with High PWM&Seperate Channel PWM Check

Firmware: 1.13.1
Controller: Pixhawk 6c

Is there any method that I can check each channel’s PWM output? In the flight review, the actuator output is in thrust, pitch, roll and yaw.

There is an issue that the PWM is too high while arming. The thrust is almost take-off thrust. I tried to change the PWM_MAIN_MIN and do ESC calibration but it doesn’t work. The motors can spin at a low speed when I pass a low PWM in Qground Control.


Normally there is an actuator outputs graph as well, not sure why yours doesn’t have it. But from what I can tell your problem is most likely some severe vibrations, which the drone tries to correct for. You can see the pitch angular rate is going crazy even before taking off. I would suggest you try and determine what might cause everything to vibrate on your drone.

Thank you for your reply. The reason for that vibration is that the drone is about to take off the due to high arm PWM. When the drone is in the air, the vibration looks ok. I have already changed the ESCs but it didn’t work. I may change the motor and try again.

I found the reason is that the set point of roll and pitch angle is not zero. From the estimated angle, the IMU looks ok. I have no idea why this happens. I can exclude the vibration reason because I isolated the controller and put it on the ground. I changed a new controller and it works well. However, I still think the issue is from the software.

The separate actuator output can be enabled by setting SYS_CTRL_ALLOC = 1.