Arduino dynamically setting max/min pwm values via volt meter

As the title suggest, I want to send mavcontrol messages to limit the max current to each esc depending on an arduino sensor.

  1. Can this be done without arduino using a voltage sensor directly into pixhawk


"IF Voltage is between 16-16.6v set max pwm 2000
If voltage is between 14-15.9v set max pwm 1800
Etc etc

  1. If this cant be done without arduino, what is the best way to accomplish it.

What I am trying to acheive is if the battery is fully charged and the solar panel is operating effeciently, to allow the escs to draw more power, and once night time arrives and the battery voltage starts dropping, to lower the escs draw.

  1. With the battery wired in paralell as such in the diagram, if the mppt was only capable of producing 16.8v@1a because it was a cloudy day, and I allowed the escs to draw 16.8v@4a, provided the battery was charged to 16.6v would the escs simply use the potential 1a from the mppt and 3a from the battery correct?