Any way to momentarily turn on a propellar?

Is there any way to just momentarily turn on a specified propellar from the nuttx shell?
I need to test a motor, and rather than disassembling it would be nice if I could just
turn it on for ~1 second…

Yes, open qgc, goto vehicle setup,left side has button for motor test.(you can test individually). Or fire up mavproxy, and use the terminal there to issue a test.

Thanks, right now I don’t have USB access, so I can’t use qgc. At the console I’ve played with the “pwm” command with some success (pwm arm followed by pwm steps) and now I see (duh, didn’t notice this) “motor_test”, but that doesn’t seem to do anything. I’m skeptical of that command 'cause with or without the -m option it appears to attempt to test motors 1-8 even though I’ve only got 4.
UPDATE: I also discovered the “pwm test” command which appears to do what I need.