Analyze Redundant Sensor Values: PX4 Pixhawk 2


I am looking at post-flight logs, specifically IMU data, and want to see how similar the redundant IMU readouts are. However, after using the ulog2csv script, I am only seeing one IMU readout (MPU9250) in the sensor combined csv. Is there any way for me to find a log of what the other redundant sensors were reading during a flight?



Hi Paul,

Try to set this param to 6 which enables sensor comparison logging:

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Hey Julian,

Will changing that param only allow me to do sensor comparisons after running a test? I was hoping I would be able to compare the triple redundant IMU data after parsing the .ulg file.?

Looking at the code it looks like that should be possible. @bkueng could you comment?

I don’t understand. You need to change the parameter, since by default, only the used IMU’s data is logged. Then you need to do another flight.

Yep, the parameter worked. My original hope would be to compare IMU data on past tests. However, I see this is not possible since I did not have the parameter set for that.

Thank you for the help.