Ambiguous behavior in 'GUIDED' mode

Hai All,

I am using a Pixhawk 4 which runs the ArduRover firmware (ArduRover V4.2.3) for my Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) which has a two thruster configuration. When I am switching the flight mode from ‘MANUAL’ to ‘GUIDED’ the motors starts running at a high gain continously until I disarm the vehicle. I have cleared all the waypoints from my flightcontrller before switching to the ‘GUIDED’ mode but still the issue continues. Has anyone faced similar issues or know the reason why it is happening?

Ultimately I want to control my robot by publishing velocity to ‘/mavros/setpoint_velocity/cmd_vel’ MAVROS topic.

Please help.

You will probably get better assistance with ArduPilot if you ask at


I have also reported the issue there: Ambiguous behavior in 'GUIDED' mode - ArduBoat - ArduPilot Discourse

Asking here to see if anyoe has faced similar issues.