Airspeed Parameters Unavailable

I am trying to configure an MS5525 pitot tube with a Pixracer (firmware FMUv4). I am following the documentation on the user guide however I have been unable to get the parameter SENS_EN_MS5525 to appear (Parameter Reference | PX4 User Guide). I have tried this with the airspeed sensor wired directly to the I2C port as well as wired through/daisy chained to the GPS (mRo Ublox Neo M8N) I2C port. The user guide does give reference to missing parameters however that is only with FMUv2, and discusses upgrading to FMUv3, however this is out of date and I am using FMUv4. I haven’t been able to find information on configuring an airspeed sensor with FMUv4 online. Any advice would be appreciated - I am new to PX4, previously used betaflight so I am looking to learn! The only issue I am having is with configuring this pitot tube airspeed sensor which the vehicle isn’t sensing on its own, and I cannot find the parameter to enable it.