After upgrade to 1.11.0 the Quad is restless and is out of control

Hi guys, I changed 2 things to my Quad, 1 I installed a Crossfire Nano RX to the Pixhawk 4 mini and 2 I upgraded to 1.11.0.
After this the Quad is very restless, and even takes off when I switch from a 3s to a 4s battery, and yes I changed the battery configuration in QGC also. I had to use the kill switch for the Quad not to fly to the moon.
The setup is a HolyBro QAV250 + Pixhawk4-Mini Build
I attached 2 logfiles, one with 4s (very short) and one with 3s where it flies, but not like it used too.
Hopefully someone can help

After a complete reconfiguration everything works fine agan. Lession learned for the next upgrade.