Adjust the retransition distance?

Dear VTOL enthousiasts!
In the meantime my 5-Mot “standard-type” VTOL plane works better and better, and I’m tuning some stuff.

A question about retransition:
Is there a way to adjust the retransition distance?
While using the “transition and land” waypoint type I mean.

My plane always transitions too early, and then has to hover ~30m forward to reach the landing point.
That’s wasted hover time and energy, that’s why I would like to adjust it better.
In this video you can see it.
Retransition video
There is almost no wind. In more wind the hover forward phase takes even longer.

I guess the retransition distance of PX4 was adjusted with bigger faster planes. My plane is pretty light and slow with 8,5m/s. Therefore it needs a shorter retransition distance.

Plan B: What can maybe be a solution is not to use the “transition and land” waypoint type. But instead use a “transition” waypoint, and a “basic land” waypoint. Then I could adjust the retransition distance during missionplaning. Haven’t tested this yet.
But this way is more pedestian. I would have to adjust the retransition distance for every mission again and again. The “transition and land” waypoint type is the nicer solution.

Thanks for any advice!

Happy new year by the way! :slight_smile: