0 Channels detected - Pixracer, Taranis / EZ-UHF

Anyone have success in getting these to work together? I keep getting 0 channels detected. Unfortunately it worked with a NAZA :frowning: so I know 5 channels are getting sent over and functioning correctly.

Well, no response from avua or anyone? Support seems to be lacking to bad, I really wanted to go with this board.

Chris was this the “no response” email you mention? Lets please keep it honest! Yes - I take it personally when people say I do not support my product.

Diagnostics take time and input, neither of which you have provided.

Sun, Jan 15, 2017 at 7:52 AM, Chris chrisbrisxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com wrote:
It was a 3rd party transaction, let me see if i can get it. This is my first pixracer.

On Sun, Jan 15, 2017 at 7:08 AM, Phillip Kocmoud phil@auav.com wrote:

Hi Chris,

Sorry for the troubles. 

Can I get your order number? 

I do not have any experience with that exact receiver. It sounds like you have more than 1 pixracer. Does the receiver and cable work on another? 



On Sun, Jan 15, 2017 at 12:46 AM Chris <chrisbrisxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com> wrote:

    I'm have one of your pixracer boards, I am not getting any channels on my Taranis / EZ-UHF setup with ether software stack. Is there any helpful hints you could share? I know the RX is working.


I stand corrected, I just wish their was more help and a bit faster support information is scarce on my setup from the community didn’t really get much from the manual on troubleshooting also, I’ve been fighting to get my bird up and going with every spare penny I have. I ended up having to file a paypal claim on the pixracer and sending it back to the original buyer now anyway after fighting two days with it two different software builds and two different software ground stations and my EZ-UHF. I know EZ-UHF is a popular TX/RX and defiantly needs to be supported or troubleshooted.

I go out of my way to help my customers, the reason I asked for your order number is I can only afford to help people who have purchased hardware from me. Secondly, It is also quite common for strange issues caused by lower quality copies of the Pixracers. I will look into this receiver and determine if it should work.

auva.co was on the board near the processor.

I am sorry, this board is a clone and a poor one at that. I really do feel bad, but these people go out of their way to use my name, markings and info to sell junk.

So how do I know, here are 2 obvious signs.

  1. Rounded corners, AUAV’s corners are square.
  2. V Cut PCB, AUAV’s are routed.

Contact me if you would like to buy a genuine Pixracer or consider this alternative quality manufacturer of Pixracers (http://store.mrobotics.io/mRo-PixRacer-R14-Official-p/auav-pxrcr-r14-mr.htm) .

Can you send me a link to the exact receiver you are using?


Thanks for your time. I will hopefully one day be getting one from you. Currently fighting to get my hard earned and saved money back via paypal complaint now. http://www.immersionrc.com/fpv-products/ezuhf-8-channel-diversity-receiver/ is the link to my RX and TX (JR Module in a Taranis).